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Knowledgebase : Using PageTurnPro

This tutorial covers how to embed a Vimeo clip to play when your document is opened in PageTurnPro. Vimeo opens up in a pop up window. There is no work around for this. It is native to Vimeo formats.
How to embed a YouTube clip to play when your publication is opened in PageTurnPro. Works on desktop flash versions and not on mobile (html) viewers.
You can now upload PDF's to your Media Library and embed them into your digital document. Download this guide for more information on how this is done.
How to export a PDF as Pages and not Spreads. You need to have the PDF as single pages and not 2 page spreads to publish digitally. This document gives simple instructions on exporting a PDF in InDesign.
This gives the user the three ways videos can be displayed inside your PageTurnPro digital document.
A guide on how to load a PDF into eBooks or iBooks after downloading on a portable device.
A generic guide to optimizing a PDF for MAC users.
Here is a fix for Firefox to stop the timing out that is occurring. Currently, this is our only workaround for Firefox. It has been tested and we find it to be working without causing a time out issue when replacing large PDF files.
You can now search for a publication inside your account using the publication ID #. This will search through all folders inside of your account.
An guide to finding results using Google Analytics to find usage by device (mobile, tablet and desktop).
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